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Part 1. Dynamically Positioning HTML Layers

The Navigator component of Communicator introduces functionality that allows you to define precisely-positioned, overlapping layers of transparent or opaque content in a web page. Communicator offers two ways to dynamically position HTML layers:

Using Cascading Style Sheets to Position HTML Layers

Whether you use Cascading Style Sheet Syntax or the <LAYER> tag to specify layers of HTML, you can use JavaScript code to move layers, hide them, change the order in which they overlap, and modify many other aspects of layers. Basically, you can use HTML and JavaScript to create dynamic animations on a web page.

Netscape fully supports the Cascading Style Sheet syntax for positioning HTML. The next revision of this document will include details and examples of using Cascading Style Sheet syntax to create HTML layers. For now, see the following document for details of the standard for positioning HTML using Cascading Style Sheets:


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