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Positioning HTML Elements

Communicator Preview Release 4


Part 1. Dynamically Positioning HTML Layers

Using Cascading Style Sheets to Position HTML Layers

Part 2. Using the <LAYER> Tag

Overview of the <LAYER> Tag

The <LAYER> and <ILAYER> Tags
<LAYER> and <ILAYER> Tag Parameters

Conditional Comments and the <NOLAYER> Tag

Using Applets, Plugins and Forms in Layers

Using JavaScript To Access Layers
The Layer Object
The Layer Object Properties
The Layer Object Methods
The Document Property of Layers and the Layers Property of Documents
Creating Layers Dynamically
Writing to Layers
Event Handling in Layers
Scripts in Layers
Animating Layers
Animating Images

Part 3. Examples of Using Layers

Hiding and Showing Layers--Fancy Flowers Farm
Introducing the Flower Farm
Creating the Form for Flower Selection
Positioning the Flower Layers

Positioning, Moving, and Restacking Layers--A Fish and Three Poles
Positioning and Moving Fish and Pole Layers
Positioning the Fish and Pole Layers
Moving the Fish
Changing the Stacking Order of Fish and Pole
Add Another Layer to Contain the Reverse Fish Image
Initializing the Fish to have a Direction Variable
Moving the Fish Backwards and Forwards
Changing the Fish's Direction
Changing the Stacking Order of the Poles and the Fish
Updating the Button that Gets the Fish Going

Using External Sources For a Layer -- Nikki's Diner
Content In the External Files
The File for the Nikki's Diner Main Page

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